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READY TO SHIP. Very warm fleece sweater perfect for walking pups outside. This design does not have sleeves or velcro. To wear you must slip on over thru the head.  This fleece fabric is not only stretchy it's also very comfortable. The back side is long and the front is always short where it needs to be.  

Sports FLEECE Sweater

  • Custom sizes for large or small are always welcomed.  These seem to do very well for most furry kids.  If you need more help message me. 


    Measured in Inches:

    Size        CHEST        LENGTH            NECK

    XS            6-10            8 1/2                   7

    S             11-15            10                     10

    M            15-18            13                     12

    L             20 - 24          16                     15

    XL           25 - 32           20                    22

    XXL         32 - 36           22                    26


    CUSTOM LARGE - Send measurements

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