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Best invention ever for all dog parents who have boys that never outgrow marking inside the house. Personally I use these for my boys and these belly bands have saved me a ton of headaches. Fabric used is 100% cotton and there is no need to use a sanitary pad for these as there is an absorbent insert designed to catch all the liquid. Once the belly band has become wet it will be necessary to wash and dry for it's next use. I recommend 3-4 bands per dog a day, very economical and easy to wear as it attaches with heavy duty velcro around the waist. The belly band has a dual look as it can be worn on either side of the fabric. 


** BUNDLE includes 3 of the exact size** Must indicate the size. NO MIX MATCH SIZE on Bundles. 

Belly Band

  • Measuring your PET  (do not measure too tightly)

    BELLY : Measure around the belly where his essentials need to be covered.

  • Measured in Inches

    XXS        Length    7 - 8 1/2

     XS         Length     8 - 10

    Small       Length    11-12

    Medium   Length    14 - 16 

    Large       Length    16 - 20

    X Large    Length     20 - 25

    XX Large  Length     25 -30

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