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These amazing designs are made out of wicking stretch fabric perfect for the summer. Best effect when you soak the pancho in ice cold water and place over the head and whoala! Perfect accessory for dog walks in  those hot summer days. 



1. Lemonade    2. Duck Around     3. Squirrel Patrol     4. Fruit Donuts

5.Beer Buddy   6.Suns Out             7.Baseballs                8.Pineapple Umbrellas


Size guide

XS 6 - 8 inches neck

Small 9 - 15 inch neck

Med 15 - 20 inch Neck

Large 20 - 28 inch Neck

Cooling Dog Panchos

  • Wear as often as possible.  Machine washable. Tumble Dry

  • Easy to wear for all size pups. Slips over the head and whoala! The stretchy fabric helps to place over head.   Wicking fabric is machine washable in cold water, air dry or tumble dry.  

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