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M - Medium Sized Leash

Hand crafted leash, everything about it is as unique as your dog's personality. Long lasting and very durable.  Message me if you need a different length, i.e. shorter or longer.

Width   =  5/8 " inch  

Length  = 60 "  inch

Foxes Snoopy Westies (M)

Select Background Color
  • Machine Wash. Air Dry. 

    Length is 60 inches, gladly accept custom orders if you message me first.  Don't forget to add the matching Collar or Harness


    Designs are best selected with what will fit your collar width in size.  Example all of the designs for smaller leashes can also be used in medium and large leashes except the design will not cover the whole background color.  Where as the designs used in Large leashes cannot be used in medium or small leashes becuase of the width. 

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