MED - Medium Harness

"Step-In-Harness" easy to wear, no fuss in figuring out where the legs go. Just step right in and adjustable if needed. It's is ideal for the hard-to-fit pet. The harness offers more control than a conventional collar.

Get outdoors and enjoy the sun! Custom sizes welcomed.

Sizes              Chest                     Width                 

Medium        13 to 26" inches           5/8

SnoopyStachesPineapplesBloveMe (MED)

Background Color
Buckle Color
  • Machine Washable.  Air Dry

    Don't forget to add the matching Leash and Collar.

  • Adjustable.   Step into.   Buckle at the top.

    Size                     Width             Chest Size 

    Extra Small            3/8"            6 to 12" inches 

    Small                     1/2"            8 to 16" inches

    Medium                 5/8"          13 to 26" inches

    Large                        1"          18 to 34" inches

    X Large                     1"          20 to 43" inches