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Every pup needs a Yappy Surprise!  Just tell me the size and gender and I will do the rest.  Your pup will get a total of 5 PAWSOME suprises which can include any or all of the following items: 

*Outfit : Dress or Boy shirt 

*Accessory : Bowtie, Flower, Bandanna

*Gift Card:  $5 for your next purchase 

*Treat: Provided from a co-vendor sponsor


(NOTE) L - XXL  sizes will be limited to what I have in my inventory

Yappy Surprise

  • I will send you the very best from my limited selection of inventory.  These are items that are made from fabrics/prints no longer sold.  Limited designs that were only made in small quantities. Unique yappy surprise just like your pup. These are also great for gifts to other pet parents on your list for the holidays or Furr-day parties. 

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